Steel Structure

Steel Structure is focused on industrial construction projects


Focused on construction projects

Evermark Limited Steel Construction is focused on industrial construction projects that primarily involved the fabrication and erection, prefabricated buildings, facade, and roof cladding works. With the experience of many years in the construction and steel building manufacturing sector, Evermark was founded to provide high-end solutions to all kinds of steel buildings’ requirements from design to erection. As a company that is based in Dhaka-Bangladesh, we have the chance of easy access to high-quality materials and technical resources. 

Despite being the most popular Steel Structure company, the design and production experience gathered by completing vast industrial and commercial projects create leverage effects regarding all types of light and heavy steel buildings. We trust our experienced and certified team of welders that always does their work without no compliance and maintains the necessary standards.

Detailing and Manufacturing

As a result of the leverage effect of strong technical knowledge and management skills, Ever- mark Steel Construction serves its solution partners on large-scale projects. With its wide experience in Project Management, Evermark is able to ensure a reliable environment for the stakeholders by conducting the processes correctly.


Aluminum Roofing

Evermark Limited provides high-quality aluminum roofing within Bangladesh. Our Aluminum roofing Sheets are best for lifelong, high resale value, faster and economical for Industry. Aluminum Roofing Sheets are rust-free, have high thermal properties & environmentally friendly. On the other hand, aluminum is a great choice for buildings located on the coastline or projects that will involve retrofitting a metal roof over existing shingles. Get More Information

Fabrication & Erection

Evermark Steel construction provides Fabrication & Erection services for light and heavy  depending on requirements in industrial sectors. We are ensuring for our valuable clients deliver the best quality products, the process starts right from the beginning like as material is used. Depending on this since we provide all kinds of Fabrication & Erection of this service like warehouses, cold rooms, façades, and roofs which are hassle-free for the project manager and skilled workers. We also provide Fabrication & erections separately. Each and every steel fabrication and erection project is delivered in a safe and timely manner, all while providing the best value for our clients.

Fabrication & Erection of Steel Structures

Evermark Limited is providing a unique range of Prefabricated Buildings all over Bangladesh. It has hassle-free functioning, creative & high quality of designing, using modern technologies which makes these very popular and demanding products in the market. We provide commercial projects such as factories, warehouses, cold storage, showroom, office, supermarket, schools, stadiums, logistics centers, shopping malls, etc.

Roof and Facade cladding work

Evermark provides not only Fabrication & Erection services but also provides Roof and Facade cladding services for industrial and commercial buildings. We are able to offer various cladding types like ACP wall cladding, profiled metal wall cladding systems, and specialist rain screen systems by using steel, aluminum, zinc or copper, polycarbonate materials and Façade includes composite roofing that can be suited to industrial and commercial projects. We complete all kinds of work including the best design and high-quality products by using modern technologies through our Skilled QA team for customer satisfaction.