Renovation is the process of renewing a building

What is a renovation?

Renovation is the process of renewing a building or structure by fixing what’s already present and in some cases, adding new components. Renovation tends to be cheaper than remodeling. Depending on the project, it can also be more cost-effective than restoration.

Typically, renovations are done in conjunction with restorations. For example, someone may decide they want to restore their bathrooms. But to make it a bit more modern, they add a shower component to the tub, which would make it a renovation project as well.

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What is a restoration?

Restoration is the process in which you return the building to its original condition. Historic buildings are common sites for restoration projects, but modern buildings also undergo restoration as well. Restoration projects typically involve:

What is a remodel?

Remodeling involves changing an entire room or building. Remodeling tends to be a much more involved process than restoring or renovating, as it involves making changes to a building’s structure. Examples of remodeling include: