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Evermark Limited is one of the fast-growing and promising interior design and decoration companies.


Leading Interior & Furniture

Evermark Limited provides a wide range of interior services aimed at meeting depending on specific requirements. We specialize in contemporary cutting edge modern, Biophilic interior design and construction of corporate offices, office design, apartments, duplex houses, five-star luxury hotels, resorts, restaurants, cafes, and other superior private and public facilities by using modern technologies within Bangladesh. As a modern interior firm, we are equipped with expert architects and the latest technologies prevailing in the industry. Our experienced creative Interior Designers/architects create efficient interiors that depict the unique expressions of a client’s real personality and style.

Commercial Interior

Evermark Limited provides Commercial Interior Design services that encompass a wide range of interior decorators offering designs that are highly professional in nature and much more creative than others.
We have a group of expert interior designers who whose are ensuring that our clients receive one of the best smart commercial interior designs, traditional commercial interior design, according to their expectations and their company’s brand feel by using modern technologies. We provide home interior services including Duplex houses, Apartments, Villa interiors, Home Renovation & Remodeling, and so on. Through strategic space planning, along with the special selection of surface materials, fabrics, art, textures, colors, specialized lighting, and graphics, our team of interior architects and designers brings life to your brand image. It provides Innovative Commercial Interior Design solutions for clients’ satisfaction at an effective cost.


Home Interior & Furniture

With our Expert designers, efficient execution, and professional management. We offer home interior services to personalize your home design. Our interior designers can handle your big projects as well, redesigning a room or your entire home with mood boards and 3D visualizations. In state 3D visualizations, you can see how your space can turn out, and allows you to make any changes to the design before work begins. Our interior design experts help to make a decision when it comes to interior decoration is finding skilled and reliable professionals. From concept to creation and planning to execution, our team has got you covered with your probable cost.

Office Interior

Evermark Limited is one of the prominent corporate office interior design providers in Bangladesh. We can provide customized space planning for both small and large companies in any industry to meet their expected budgets. Our interior designers are also technical specialists who can make spaces that link with the user both functionally and aesthetically. We have some of the best interior designers who work for us for the entire pattern planning jobs like Space planning, Architectural products, Furniture relocation assistance, Full-service delivery, and installation. Our expert team can carry out the installation job mostly during the preferable time so that your employees do not feel disturbed to get complete satisfaction by getting the total value for money and time.


Commercial Furniture

Evermark Limited is an accomplished furniture Design Company in Commercial projects that provide an excellent value proposition in all aspects of small spaces. Our skilled furniture designers also help in providing the right theme with a proper match of the colors and expedition. To make your home furnishings look smart, you should be in need to contact your home interiors. Once you have decided to avail the services of our skilled furniture designers and have placed your orders, our proficient designers will visit your place. After a thorough inspection of your home interiors, our furniture designer will give you suitable suggestions for furnishings design.

Office Furniture

Evermark Limited is one of the best furniture design companies, creating the most creative designs of ice furniture for clients’ satisfaction by using modern technologies. We provide all kinds of office furniture which are high quality. We have expert designers and workers who are ensuing creative design and quality for our clients and we also ensure our clients want and deliver on time, and on budget.

Office Furniture